Whether you are a claimant, defendant or a third party in freezing order proceedings, trust Francis Wilks & Jones to provide expert advice in your claim. Our team is here to help with freezing orders and all other important court applications.

Freezing order solicitors

Defending a freezing order claim

Do you find yourself on the receiving end of an injunction and/or freezing order? If the answer is yes, it is vital to act quickly. Freezing orders, or freezing injunctions, are among the most serious types of court orders in existence.

Freezing orders are accompanied by what is known as a “penal” order, which means that a failure to comply with the terms of a freezing order can ultimately lead to imprisonment for contempt of court. Proper compliance is vital to avoid the consequences of breaching the freezing order.

Our expert team can assist with the following:

Whatever your situation, our team can help

We have acted for many companies and individuals on the receiving end of these powerful court orders. Our team are experts in quick, commercial and effective advice – making sure you reach the best possible solution as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Applying for a freezing order

If you are considering obtaining an injunction or a freezing order, it is always important to take legal advice before embarking on such action. Injunctions and freezing orders are very difficult to obtain from court due to the nature of the remedy sought. Proper preparation is absolutely vital.

Our expert team can help claimants or applicants with the following areas:

If there has been wrongdoing or fraud, the ability to obtain an injunction and / or freezing order can be hugely important to protect a claimant’s position. While the courts do not grant them lightly, the benefit of obtaining an injunction and / or freezing order in the right circumstances can significantly help a business faced with fraud or wrongdoing.

Our expert team regularly obtains injunctions and freezing orders for its clients.

Acting for third parties served with freezing orders

If you are a third party who gets involved in a freezing injunction situation, it is vital to take early legal advice. Inadvertently breaching the terms of a freezing order, even if you are not a party to the actual proceedings, can have huge implications. We can provide assistance to the following people and institutions:

  • individuals who are approached to provide witness statement evidence in the claim
  • related companies or business who are served with the freezing order
  • banks and financial institutions served with the freezing order
  • ex employees
  • parties who might be holding information relating to the claim

Norwich Pharmacal orders

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones is very experienced in these specialist types of orders. Norwich Pharmacal orders are used to obtain information or documentation from a third party who is not a “wrongdoer” or involved in the underlying dispute itself.

We can assist with:

If you are served with these types of orders, expert legal advice is highly recommended. It is vital to understand the exact terms of the order and ensure that by complying with it, you recover any legal costs you incur in the process. Our brilliant team can assist.

Search orders

Search orders are one of the most serious types of court order that can be granted. If you find yourself on the receiving end of such an order, our team can provide the quick and expert advice you need.

Do you require assistance with freezing orders or an injunction?

The team at Francis Wilks & Jones has significant experience in acting for defendants, claimant and third parties in freezing order and fraud claims. We can provide the quick and effective advice you need to reach the outcome you want. Whatever your situation, the team at Francis Wilks & Jones will be able to help you in this complex area of the law.

We were delighted by the work undertaken by FWJ together with their team of third party professionals, including their barrister and forensic investigators.  Their team approach ultimately resulted in successfully obtaining judgment of $35 million which we are currently seeking to enforce against the two defendants and others who benefitted from the fraud. We could not rate FWJ highly enough for their teamwork, dedication and legal and forensic expertise. We would highly recommend them for this type of work.

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