Well drafted terms of trade are an essential component for any long term successful business. Getting a set of terms which protects you can save considerable time, effort and expense further down the line. Let our team of experts help today.

Having a well drafted set of terms and conditions can make a huge difference to the successful running of any business.

Badly worded terms and conditions or indeed, no written terms at all can severely affect any business which has entered into a trading relationship with another company or business.

Terms and conditions set the scene for the trading relationship between the parties. They deal with crucial issues such as

  • timings for the delivery of goods/services;
  • specifying exactly what is being supplied;
  • the cost and pricing mechanisms;
  • payment terms and crucially;
  • what happens in the event that something goes wrong.

We often act for businesses which have to incur precious management time and resource dealing with necessary claims which could easily have been resolved had their been a proper set of terms and conditions in place at the outset of that trading relationship.

Indeed, the ability to quickly take action against a customer who is refusing to pay for goods or services supplied can often be dictated by the terms and conditions governing that contract. If the outstanding amount is of a significant sum and the terms badly worded, that money can be slow to claw back – and sometimes this can make the difference between the business going bust or continuing to trade.

Our expert team can help with the following:

  • drafting a set of terms and conditions appropriate for your business;
  • reviewing existing terms and conditions to make sure that the key clauses are in those terms in order to protect you;
  • advising on how best to ensure your terms and conditions are incorporated into the supply contract;
  • resolving any disputes arising from the wording of the terms and conditions in place between the parties or indeed, the absence of any clear written terms and conditions.

Whatever issues you may have, we have the team of experts to help. Please contact us today and one of our friendly team of lawyers can assist.

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