If you have a Judgment - then a statutory demand can be an excellent way of recovering your debt. We help 100's clients each year fully recover their debts. Let us help you too.

A hard-hitting debt recovery solution

A statutory demand based on judgment is a powerful and yet costs effective way to enforce a court judgment. The reason for this is that the statutory demand debt cannot be disputed because it is based on a formal court judgment. The fact that there is a judgment debt removes any issues over the statutory demand validity.

Quick and effective

A statutory demand based on court judgment is a quick and effective way of trying to enforce a judgment. You will soon find out whether the judgment debtor is able to pay or not and it can be quicker doing it this way than enforcement by way of the high court enforcement officer.

Hard for debtors to avoid

Even a debtor who tries to “duck and dive” paying its debts will realise that failure to pay on a statutory demand can lead to a winding up petition (company) or a bankruptcy petition (individual). Therefore, a statutory demand based on judgment is a good and relatively low cost way of seeking to recover an outstanding court judgment debt.

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