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Statutory demand costs can be much cheaper than proceeding by way of normal court litigation.

If a statutory demand debt is genuinely undisputed (or there are no counterclaims by the debtor), it might be sensible to proceed with a demand. Statutory demand costs can often be much cheaper than the court fees payable to commence a county court or high court claim.

Our statutory demand costs

At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have a very competitive fee scale for proceed with statutory demands and we are happy to provide this to you upon enquiry. Simply contact one of our expert team and they can talk you through our costings and we can send you our cost details.

Recovering your legal costs from the debtor

Whilst it is possible to do in every case, we always try to recover any legal costs from the debtor. If we do this, then it results in a net zero cost to you of taking the action.

Process server fees

The only other cost incurred in statutory demand cases is a process server fee.

  • we would always recommend that the statutory demand service is carried out by a process server to personally serve the statutory demand on either the individual or company;
  • this way, it avoids any dispute over whether the statutory demand has been properly served;
  • we work very closely with a number of process servers and their fee is ordinarily in the region of £150. Again, we will make every effort to recover this from the debtor if we can.

Do not hesitate to contact one of our expert statutory demand lawyers. We can help you through the statutory demand process in a quick and effective way to maximise the chances of recovering your statutory demand debt. As part of that process, we can advise you in advance as to whether your claim is suitable for a statutory demand or not.

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