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Freezing orders can be granted at different stages of a claim depending on what has happened in the underlying dispute. Our expert team can advise you whether you can apply for a freezing order and how best to do it.

Applications for freezing injunctions can be made at any stage of the proceedings as follows:-

  • before the issuing of a claim; or
  • during any proceedings; or
  • after judgment has been obtained.

Normally, applications for freezing orders or freezing injunctions are made before a claim has been issued in order not to tip off the respondent who then may try and put his assets beyond the reach of the applicant. These types of proceedings are also known as “without notice injunctions” as they are obtained without any notice having been given to the respondent.

Freezing injunctions sought either during proceedings or after judgement tend to be “on notice” (i.e. with notice having been given of the application to the respondent in advance of the court hearing.

Please contact one of our friendly team for your consultation. Whether you are looking to apply for a freezing injunction or have received one, we can help.

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