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Arbitration encompasses a wide range of disputes.  Whatever the nature of your dispute and whichever side you are on – we have the team to help.

Domestic arbitration in England & Wales

Domestic arbitration disputes are governed by the Arbitration Act 1996 in England and Wales.

International Arbitration in the UK

International disputes are slightly more complex – as parties have to take into account additional factors such as the law of the contract, and the seat of the arbitration.

Generally, international arbitrations are separated into two groups:

  • Ad hoc arbitrations for a specific dispute, which are usually subject to UNCITRAL rules, or
  • administered arbitrations by arbitral institutions.

Within these two categories of arbitration, one can find disputes on a variety of subject matters and parties. For example, Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is a form of arbitration that allows investors to bring claims in the foreign country that they are investing in.

More commonly are arbitrations that are contract specific, ie that a dispute arising out of a contract is subject to an arbitration clause contained within it. There are also industry specific arbitrations, which can cover anything from sport, shipping, employee disputes and construction.  

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Whatever your Arbitration enquiry – our team has the expertise to help. FWJ are experienced in helping both domestic and international clients resolve their Arbitration disputes in the UK & London. Don’t Delay – call our team of experts today.

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