If your company bank account has been frozen because of a winding up petition – we can help. A validation order application is normally the best way to proceed, allowing use of the bank account and to continue trading - plus avoiding the risk of personal liability as well. We have been helping businesses since 2002. Let our team of experts help you too.

There are three main areas of costs when making a validation order application:

  • the validation order court issue fee. The validation order court fee is currently £95 and needs to be paid in order to have the validation order application issued at court.
  • a barrister’s fee for the validation order hearing. Depending on the urgency of the matter, a barrister’s fee for a hearing can range between £750 – 1,500. This is to deal with standard validation order applications. More complicated structures or dealing with group company situations can be more expensive.
  • the final element is our own legal fees. We are able to advise you on the validation order costs of our legal fees once we have spoken to you and understood the detail and nature of the validation order application that is appropriate to your company.

Whatever your validation order needs, we are able to deal with them. We have dealt with many validation orders over the years, obtaining successful results for our clients. Frozen bank account situations are our expertise. We can help unfreeze assets, unfreeze company bank accounts and have winding up orders reversed. Contact the experts now.

Our expert team of winding up petition and validation order solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are here to help you with any issues you might be facing. Our knowledge of winding up orders and validation orders is very significant and we have dealt with thousands of winding up petitions enquiries. Call us today for help.

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