If your company bank account has been frozen because of a winding up petition – we can help. A validation order application is normally the best way to proceed, allowing you to continue trading and avoiding the risk of personal liability as well. We have been helping businesses since 2002. Let our team of experts help you too.

Knowing the relevant provisions of the Insolvency Act and how to apply them in different scenarios is one of our many areas of expertise when it comes to validation orders.

Unless your legal team has that knowledge and proven track record, you cannot maximise your prospects of success in dealing with the serious issue of a winding up order and all that flows form it – enabling a frozen bank account to be unfrozen and allowing the business to continue to trade and ultimately looking to have the winding up order reversed.

  • our validation order Insolvency Act expertise has helped many companies over the years deal with the dramatic consequences of a winding up order and enable them to continue trading despite a winding up order being issued;
  • successful validation orders are something we are known for as a law firm;
  • dealing with frozen bank account situations is second nature to our validation orders team at FWJ.

Please contact one of our expert validation order lawyers now for your friendly informal consultation. We are highly successful and have helped many companies survive and prosper when faced with a winding up petition problem. Call now for a friendly consultation.

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