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“What is a business loan agreement” is a question we commonly deal with for our clients.

As a business owner whatever your queries are on loans, we can provide you with effective legal advice in variety of areas, including small business loans, start-up business loans, complex inter-company loan agreements and other types of business funding, such as secured and unsecured business loans. We have a dedicated team of experts that you can contact to advise you in legal matters which affect your business loan agreement.

Example of this are:

  • getting a small business loan – small business funding can be difficult to secure as high street banks may not want to take the risk of investing in an entity which does not have a proven track record of repaying business loans. It is therefore very important for small businesses and start-ups to research the business loan market in detail to develop an understanding of the types of loans available to them and the lenders which are most likely to provide these. At Francis Wilks & Jones we can put you in touch with trusted independent brokers who can help you in this aspect.
  • larger businesses – larger businesses and SME’s with an established track record in repaying business loans are likely to have more funding options open to them as they will be considered lower risk by lending institutions. However, it is equally important for larger businesses to research the market carefully before deciding on the type of loan which is most suitable for them as the repayment terms can vary greatly between providers. It is also very important to seek proper legal advice on the nature of the loan agreement / finance facility documents being offered to you and what types of collateral you will be required to provide, so as to ensure that it is appropriate for your business requirements.

Please contact one of our expert banking lawyers now for your friendly informal consultation. At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have significant experience in all aspects of business loan agreements. We are highly skilled and have helped many companies which require advice on business loans. We offer quick and effective advice.

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