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Properly written legal demand letters can make a huge difference to collecting in any money you might be owed. Our expert team can help advise on any debt related matter and help make sure your demand letters are suitably hard hitting.

We are often asked “what is a demand letter”?

A demand letter is something which is commonly used by individuals or companies to recover outstanding debts. The most effective letters before claim are solicitors’ letters as they are particularly hard hitting and very good at collecting an unpaid invoice or unpaid invoices.

  • at Francis Wilks & Jones we specialise in all types of very effective letters before action and have a fabulous track record of recovering outstanding monies for our clients.
  • there is an art to writing a very effective letter before action in order to maximise the prospects of success.
  • an effective letter before action is very useful when trying to chase outstanding debts.

As a firm we can also advise individuals or companies who have received a solicitor’s letter or a letter before claim. We can also advise on whether the relevant pre-action protocol has been followed and whether the debt collection letter is open to challenge.

Whatever your queries, please contact Francis Wilks & Jones who can deal with any type of demand letter and advise you on when to send a demand letter.

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