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Norwich Pharmacal orders are a type of court order to compel a third party not directly involved in the freezing order proceedings to disclosure documentation or information. Our team can help obtain these orders or act for third parties served with them.

An unusual but important type of court order

A Norwich Pharmacal order is a special type of court application which requires the respondent to disclose documentation or information to the applicant.

  • a Norwich Pharmacal order is most commonly used in order to identify a wrongdoer by obtaining information from a third party who has become mixed up in the wrongful acts of others.
  • in many cases the applicant already knows the nature of the wrongdoing when considering seeking injunctive relief by way of a freezing order. However, in certain circumstances a Norwich Pharmacal order can be used to help clarify the nature of that wrongdoing prior to the applicant seeking injunctive relief from the court.

An order can help trace stolen assets

A Norwich Pharmacal order will often be used to assist tracing assets and proprietary claims.

When seeking a Norwich Pharmacal order the applicant’s position is often that it urgently needs to obtain further information to help it trace stolen assets. The courts will not hesitate in making a Norwich Pharmacal order in circumstances where it will help prevent the disposal of assets by a defendant which have been wrongfully or fraudulently taken from the applicant.

  • in order to obtain a Norwich Pharmacal order the respondent cannot simply be an “innocent bystander” and there has to be evidence that the respondent (whether innocently or not) was involved in the wrongdoing;
  • a common example of a Norwich Pharmacal order is where an application is made against a telecommunications company for disclosure of the wrongdoer’s contact details in circumstances where it had not been possible to locate that particular individual.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we are the experts in Norwich Pharmacal orders. We have a team who deal specifically with Norwich Pharmacal orders and are located very close to the high court in London in the event we need to attend court. Contact us now for our expert assistance.

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