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A Third Party Debt order is a very effective way to enforce a money judgment or CCJ that has not been paid by the Judgment Debtor.

A Third Part Debt Order stops a Judgment Debtor taking money out of a bank or building society account to avoid paying a judgment debt or CCJ.

There is a two stage process

  • first, the judgment Creditor applies for an Interim Third Party Debt order which freezes the money held in the Judgment Debtor’s bank account until the hearing of the Final Third Party Debt order;
  • once the Third Party Debt order has been made final by the court, it will order the bank to pay the money direct to the judgment Creditor.

Even if a judgment Creditor is not aware of any accounts, an application can be made to the county court for an order to Obtain Information from the Judgment Debtor, which will include details of their bank accounts as well as other assets. Third Party Debt orders can be used alongside other methods of enforcement of an unpaid county court judgment, although it is important to make sure the other enforcement methods are permitted and that any payments are notified.

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