Winding up Petitions can be a great way of recovering a Judgment Debt. Our brilliant team has successful recovered millions of pounds from debtors. Equally, if you are on the receiving end of a petition - we have huge experience in negotiating settlement or advising on company rescue options. Whatever your situation - we have 20 years' experience and can help.

A winding up petition is a type of issued court document.

A winding up petition can be issued by a range of different parties but commonly it is issued by a creditor of a company seeking to collect the monies due and owing to it. It is often described as the “nuclear option” of debt recovery work.

The winding up procedure for issuing a petition is technical and we would recommend that you seek legal advice to avoid the many mistakes which can be made.

At Francis Wilks & Jones, our team can provide the assistance required to complete the appropriate pre winding up order court checks and then complete the petition process to have it issued at court

Please contact one of our friendly expert winding up petition solicitors now to assist. Don’t delay – contact the winding up petition experts now.

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