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Arbitration can be a brilliant way of resolving disputes without the cost and expense of formal litigation. Our superb team can see whether arbitration can work for you - whichever side of the dispute you are on. Call us today.

An arbitration award is similar to a court order.

Whilst there is no internationally accepted definition (yet) for an award, due to the many types of ‘awards’ available, it generally means a decision that is dispositive of (or deals with) the substantive issues the tribunal is charged to deal with.  

There are the following generally recognisable categories of arbitration award:

  • Partial Awards. These are commonly used to determine any issues of jurisdiction. This saves time and expense, as it would be inefficient to run a whole dispute, only to obtain a ruling that the tribunal did not have jurisdiction to make a decision/hear the matter.
  • Foreign and Domestic Awards. It is important to distinguish between the two for enforcement purposes.
  • Default Awards. These awards deal with arbitrations that proceed without one party, either where it fails or refuses to take part.
  • Additional Awards. In instances where an award is rendered which does not deal with all the issues, the parties can request a further award to deal with this oversight.
  • Consent Awards. The parties may settle the case prior to the tribunal needing to issue a decision. In these instances, they can agree an award, which has the terms of settlement embodied within it. This creates an award that can be enforced via the New York Convention.

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