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HMRC winding up petitions are very serious court documents. Fail to deal with it properly and your company can be wound up. It is possible to defend an HMRC winding up petition, but only with expert legal help. HMRC are well known for taking a tough approach with companies which owe them money. But our team of lawyers supported by an ex HMRC expert of 18 years can help you keep trading.

Great attention must be paid to dealing with an HMRC winding up petition. If the HMRC petition is not dealt with, the consequences of an HMRC winding up petition is that a winding up order can be made.

The HMRC can be difficult to deal with.

  • once they have issued a winding up petition then you need expert assistance in dealing with the HMRC even if you are in a position to immediately pay the HMRC debt off;
  • the HMRC take a very strong position on tax debts such as unpaid NI, VAT and corporation tax;
  • dealing with HMRC debts and the HMRC itself when faced with a winding up order requires expertise;
  • failure to properly deal with an HMRC winding up order can lead to your company being wound up and a liquidator appointed.

Therefore, urgent action is recommended. We are the firm who can help you.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s leading firm of HMRC winding up petition and company rescue solicitors. We are experts in what we do and regularly deal with HMRC on behalf of companies which have received winding up orders. Our knowledge of the process is second to none. We can also help your business continue to trade using validation orders. Or put you in touch with business funding experts. Whatever your HMRC winding up petition enquiry, we can assist. Call now to speak to a friendly winding up petition adviser.

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