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An order to obtain information can be a vey useful tool if the judgment debtor is trying to avoid paying the debt by saying that they don't have any assets. Our brilliant team can help guide you through.

Once a county court judgment has been made, you may be unsure as to the most effective way to enforce your CCJ or court order, or even whether the Judgment Debtor has any assets.

Our brilliant debt recovery team at Francis Wilks & Jones e can assist you with carrying out the most appropriate checks and deciding which is the best way to recover the unpaid CCJ.

  • it is always best to act as quickly as possible, but sometimes it may be that a Judgment Debtor is unable to pay the judgment debt until sometime in the future.
  • there is no time limit on the commencement of enforcement proceedings once a CCJ has been made, although permission to enforce may be required from the county court before issuing a writ or Warrant of control after six years.
  • delay can also affect a judgment Creditor’s entitlement to accrued interest, so we would not advise so do not delay.

Before deciding which method is best to enforce a money judgment, we can help you investigate the Judgment Debtor’s assets by obtaining an order to Obtain Information. A judgment Creditor can apply to the county court for an order to Obtain Information. Under the order, the Judgment Debtor must answer questions on oath to a court officer, and failure to comply or give truthful answers can result in a committal order. This is an effective way to find out whether a Judgment Debtor has any assets and which is the best way to recover the debt. 

Francis Wilks & Jones is the country’s leading firm of county court enforcement solicitors. We are experts in recovering debts due under county court judgments with over 75 years’ experience. Our experience and knowledge of the different ways to collect money due under a judgment or court order are second to none. Call now for a friendly consultation.

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