There is no legal definition of management of a company but it can have huge implications in the context of director disqualification proceedings. Our legal expertise over 20 years acting for directors means we can advise you on all aspects management and what it might mean for you. Call our team today.

The meaning of management has been interpreted extremely widely. There are no hard and fast rules as to what it means as every business is run differently.

The courts look at matters on a case by case basis to determine whether a person’s role is effectively involved in the management of a business rather than that of an employee.

However, there are indicators that a person is acting beyond the remit of a mere “employee” and is effectively involved in the management of a business:

  • being a signatory on the company bank account;
  • attending board meetings;
  • being involved in strategic planning;
  • being the “go to” person for customers and clients;
  • otherwise making decisions that no other person can make and/or having no one to account to.

It is important if you are facing a director disqualification proceedings and you are concerned that your position might involve management that you seek urgent legal advice. If you breach a director disqualification order you could end up with a large fine, a longer period of disqualification or even imprisonment.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s leading firm of director disqualification solicitors. We are genuine experts in what we do with a combined experience of over 50 years in director disqualification proceedings. Our friendly team of experts can help you whatever your director disqualification needs.

I was delighted by the work done by the team at FWJ and cannot recommend them highly enough. Their legal and tactical knowledge was spot on. I can now continue to grow my business free from the worry of my original disqualification

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