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Ensuring proper service of the freezing order and all associate documents after the order has been granted at court is vitally important. Our superb team has successfully dealt with numerous service questions over the years. Let us help you too.

If it is not possible to serve a respondent / defendant promptly, the applicant who has the benefit of the freezing order should consider making an application to court for an extension of time for service.

  • if personal service cannot be carried out (for example the respondent cannot be located), then this can cause difficulties to an applicant;
  • however, the court can be satisfied of service if evidence is proved that the respondent was notified of its terms by telephone, e-mail or otherwise;
  • if this is the case, then the court may dispense with the requirement for personal service and make an order for an alternative means of service, possibly by service of a respondents legal advisors and/or on another third party.

We can assist you if you are having service issues with a freezing order. Contact one of our expert friendly freezing order lawyers now for your confidential consultation. 

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