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The level of assets frozen by a freezing order depends on the type of order granted. There are three main orders a court can make.

There are three main types of freezing order / freezing injunction:-

A maximum sum order.

In this type of order, the court imposes a monetary limit in the freezing order. The respondent is therefore free to deal with assets above this sum so long as there remains unencumbered (eg uncharged) assets remaining in the jurisdiction up to the amount of the maximum sum order. A maximum sum freezing order is the most common type of freezing order.

A general order that extends to all of the respondent’s assets.

An unlimited order of this nature is only justifiable in exceptional circumstances. These include where the extent of the respondents assets is unknown, the fraud claim is a complex one and the total value of it cannot yet be determined.

An order that attaches to specific assets.

These orders are normally sought in relation to large, high value assets, such as ships or property that is worth as much as, or more than the claim.

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