If you have suffered losses because of negligent advice - we have the team to help. We bring claims against a range of professional advisers. We can help you too.

When we talk about professional negligence, by definition this occurs when a professional fails to perform the task which they were paid to do to the required professional standards and that, as a result, loss has been suffered.

Examples are endless but might be;

  • that incorrect legal advice has been given;
  •  mistakes have been made in reports prepared by a surveyor or;
  •  there have been computation errors in accounts by an accountant.

A breach of these responsibilities can result in financial loss or physical damage or injury and whilst compensation may not help repair the damage, it can go a long way towards making a recovery.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we have considerable experience in helping clients to navigate the steps required to pursue claims against negligent advisors.  Whether the adviser was a solicitor, barrister licensed conveyancer, accountant, financial advisor or surveyor, if you have suffered loss as a result of professional negligence, our team are here to help.

What is a professional?

The term professional is used to refer to anyone who earns their living from performing an activity that requires a prescribed level of education, training or skill.

The professional can be an individual or a company but essentially will have failed to perform responsibilities to the standard required.

Typically, a professional is bound by distinct codes of conduct and ethical standards.  Professionals  must meet a required standard of competency and knowledge the level of which depends upon the type and category of professional.  Membership means that the professional has accepted to be held accountable for their behaviour.

Essentially the term can apply to any person who performs an activity to earn a living and has demonstrated a level of competence or earned a credential.  They are usually expected to demonstrate a high level of integrity and trustworthiness

Types of professionals include the following:-

  • doctor
  • accountant
  • solicitor
  • teacher
  • surveyor
  • engineer
  • dentist
  • mechanic
  • barristers
  • insurance brokers
  • financial advisors
  • architects

There are some common phrases associated with negligence claims against professionals particularly in the categories mentioned above like “bad advice”, “malpractice” “professional misconduct” and “bad representation” but the reality is that professional negligence is far wider reaching.  Professionals are required to meet a standard and if they have failed to do that, and that has caused a loss then a claim arises and this sets professionals apart.

We at FWJ understand that it may be difficult to deal with when you have been let down by a professional in knowing where to start.  We can provide advice to help you work out your professional negligence claim and why pursuing your claim might benefit you or your business and help out with the fallout.

If you have a claim against a professional adviser – contact our friendly professional negligence team today and we can help. We have won many claims for our clients, including claims against solicitors, accountants, tax advisers and surveyors. Whatever the nature of your claim – we can help.

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