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At Francis Wilks & Jones we can help you with this issue and many other questions relating to shareholder agreements and disputes. Call us now for a friendly shareholder agreement consultation. With a bespoke and carefully drafted shareholder agreement, we can ensure that you get things right first time.

  • shareholders should enter into shareholder agreements into order to define the remit of their rights and obligations to the company that they are investing in;
  • shareholders will want to protect their investment in the first instance and also ensure that the day to day management of the company that they are investing in allows for their involvement and mark to be placed on the business;
  • whatever industry the company may be involved in, it is important to set the shareholder-to-shareholder and shareholder-to-company relationship out at the very outset of the company’s life.

A carefully drafted shareholder agreement will allow shareholders to include clauses that they are really concerned and / or passionate about, such as how shares are to be valued in the future and on what basis shareholders may vote.

Shareholders may choose not to enter into a shareholder’s agreement but this may lead to significant disputes amongst the shareholders in the future which is clearly, something that shareholders and the business itself will not wish to happen.

Francis Wilks & Jones is a leading firm of shareholders agreement solicitors. We are genuine experts in what we do. Our knowledge of the relevant shareholders agreement legislation combined with our day to day shareholders dispute experience means that we know what shareholders agreements should contain and how to best protect shareholders interests.

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