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We are often asked “why use supply chain finance?”

There are numerous reasons why a business owner would want to use supply chain finance and benefit from it. As our expert supply chain finance advisors have seen from their experience, some of the main benefits of using supply chain finance include:

  • business growth – supply chain finance can be used where the buyer requires additional working capital to fund their growth. Supply chain finance can provide a valuable source of new liquidity which in turn will allow the borrower to increase their purchases and in turn their sales;
  • credit – in supply chains where the supplier struggles to access finance but their supply is critical to the buyer or the buyer wishes to increase the amount of sup,y by the supplier but the supplier is concerned as to the size of the open account trading, both parties, the buyer and the supplier can benefit from this credit; and
  • suppliers – buyers can gain an advantage by using supply chain finance to attract the best suppliers without impacting their own working capital.

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