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A winding up order for non payment of taxes can be frightening. But there are always things which can be done - negotiated settlements, company restructuring, disputing the claim, seeking business funding or applying for a validation order as just some of the choices. Let our experts help.

If you are facing an HMRC winding up order for non-payment of taxes, then we can help you through the winding up procedure process. If you have only just been served with the winding up order for non-payment of taxes, then the key is to deal with the winding up petition and not ignore it. The HMRC are not going to go away and simply pretending it isn’t there is not an option.

There are many different ways in which to deal with the winding up petition from HMRC including

Whilst we appreciate a winding up order can be a very frightening document to receive from HMRC, there are often many different ways they can be dealt with even if it appears very bleak at the outset.

Francis Wilks & Jones is the county’s leading firm of HMRC winding up petition solicitors. We are experts in what we do and regularly deal with HMRC on behalf of companies which have received winding up orders. Our knowledge of the winding up petitions, company rescue , HMRC claims and tax disputes is second to none and our results excellent. Whatever your HMRC enquiry, we can assist

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