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Receiving a winding up petition can be a very frightening experience. With our team you will be in safe hands. Since 2002, our team has dealt with many 100's of petitions over the years and successfully resolved many of them to the benefit of our clients. Let our team help you today.

Winding up petitions can be issued by a number of different parties but the most common winding up petition is a winding up petition by creditors.

A common creditor using winding up petitions is the HMRC. HMRC issue winding up petitions in circumstances where company tax is not paid including PAYE, NIC, VAT and corporation tax.

Other common creditors using winding up orders include trade creditors such as suppliers, banks, financiers, and people who have loaned money to the debtor company.

All types of creditors using winding up petitions must have a debt due of over £750 and the debt (or at least an undisputed element of £750 must be due).

If you are a recipient of a winding up order by creditors then we can assist you. Equally, if you are a creditor looking to issue a winding up order we can help review the documentation to ensure that it is fully in order, not disputed and there is a valid debt due of over £750.

Whatever your position, contact Francis Wilks & Jones and speak to our expert advisors.

Please contact one of our expert winding up petition lawyers now for your informal consultation. At Francis Wilks & Jones, we have all the winding up petition experience needed to handle any type of winding up petition problem. We offer quick and effective winding up petition advice, whatever your situation. Don’t delay. Call now for a friendly consultation.

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