The court has a number of choices in terms of orders to make at a winding up hearing. Whether you are the petitioner or the company on the receiving end of the petition, we can assist. It can be vital to get the right representation at court to avoid mistakes and costly unintended consequences.

At the winding up petition hearing, the court has an number of options available to it:

If a winding up petition is defended, the court are unlikely to make an order at the first hearing. It is likely that the hearing will be adjourned to a date one time in the future to allow the parties more time to put forward their respective cases.

At the winding up petition list, the court simply does not have sufficient time to hear detailed arguments from both the creditor and debtor, The case is likely to be adjourned to another date, where the court can take its time to consider the arguments put forward by both parties and to set a timetable for directions if necessary.

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