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As stated above, chapter 3 of part 7 of the insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 sets out the steps that a creditor needs to take to successfully complete the process of seeking to wind up a company.

Amongst the rules are the following:

  • Part 7.5 deals with the contents of the winding up petition
  • Part 7.7 deals with the presentation and filing of the winding up petition at court
  • Part 7.10 deals with the rules of advertisement of the winding up petition.
  • Parts 7.12 and 7.15 deal with the further documents which a creditor needs to file at court prior to the winding up hearing.
  • Part 7.17 deals with where a creditor wishes to be substituted in place of another creditor
  • Parts 7.20 to 7.22 deal with the making of a winding up order and what happens afterwards.

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