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Advertisement of a winding up petition in the London Gazette can be very serious for a company. It is best avoided at all costs. Our team can help you achieve this. But even if the petition is advertised, there are still things which can be done to help.

The London Gazette is one of the most important journal records published in the country and one which contains certain statutory notices. It is the oldest surviving English newspaper and was first published on 7 November 1665.

The London Gazette is both a hard copy and on-line publication. In terms of insolvency related matters, different parties can advertise different types of corporate insolvency notices in the Gazette. This is done for a variety of reasons but in terms of a winding up petition it is due to the requirement that in order to obtain a winding up order, the winding up petition must first be advertised in the London Gazette.

A notice of a winding up order in the Gazette can be bad news for a company. But if this happens to you, we can still assist and help you avoid the worst consequences. Contact us as a matter of urgency and we can still try and have the petition reversed or negotiate a settlement of the claim. You might also want to apply for a validation order to help you continue to trade whilst the petition debt is sorted out. This will also minimise the risk of personal claims against you by the liquidator or director disqualification proceedings later on if the company is still wound up.

Our company rescue team have helped 100’s of companies in similar situations

Other types of corporate notice

Other types of notices which can be advertised in the London Gazette in respect of corporate insolvency include

Other types of personal notice

In respect of personal insolvency, the London Gazette can be used for the different types of notices including

  • administration orders;
  • amendment of title proceedings;
  • annulment or rescission;
  • appointment and release of trustees;
  • bankruptcy orders;
  • discharge from bankruptcy;
  • final meetings;
  • meeting of creditors;
  • notices of dividends;
  • notices to creditors;
  • public examinations;
  • recall of sequestrations;
  • statutory demands;
  • substitution service of petitions; and
  • trust deeds

It is important that the adverts if placed in the London Gazette are done properly. At Francis Wilks & Jones we can help you with this process.

Our team of winding up petition solicitors at Francis Wilks & Jones are the best in the country. Whatever your enquiry, we can help. Our advice is fast, effective and highly cost effective. Let us help.

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