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How much is it?

The winding up petition official receiver’s deposit is currently £1,600. It makes up the largest part of the court fee which has to be paid to issue a winding up petition. That court fee is currently £1,880.

What is it?

The purpose of a winding up petition official receiver’s deposit is to enable the government appointed Official Receiver to make investigations into the company if a winding up order is later made by the court.

Will I get it back?

It is important to also understand that the official receiver’s deposit is something which is returned to the petitioning creditor if a winding up order is not made by the court and the winding up petition is dismissed from court. Therefore, of the £1,880 which is needed to issue a winding up petition, £1,600 is received back by the petitioning creditor if the winding up petition order is not made – for example the petition debt is paid.

The rules relating to the winding up petition deposit and costs is set out in Article 2 of the Insolvency Proceedings (Fees) order (SI 2016/692).

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