A winding up petition is a very serious document - if not dealt with - it can lead to a company being wound up and various claims being made against the former directors. Whether you are a petitioner or in the receiving end - our team has dealt with 1000's petition related cases since we started business in 2002. Let us help you too.

The importance of carrying out searches of the register prior to issue

The winding up petition register is held at the winding up petition high court and is a register of all existing winding up petitions against companies.

  • the central register is something which should be checked prior to issuing a winding up petition. This is because you can only ever have one winding up petition at any one time;
  • therefore, in order to avoid a wasted time and money, it is sensible to establish with the court if there is already a to winding up petition in existence.

The central index at the high court lists all winding up petitions in existence at any one time. However, when a winding up petition is withdrawn or dismissed at court, it can take a little while for the court’s central registry to be updated.

At Francis Wilks & Jones, we are experts in the winding up petition process and procedure and can assist you with any winding up petition register searches if you so require.

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