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The winding up petition return of official receivers deposit happens if the company is not wound up. The deposit is something reserved for use as initial investigations in to the company if the company is actually wound up.

Where a winding up petition is withdrawn or dismissed, the petitioning creditor is entitled to a refund of the deposit that they paid to the official receiver up the issue of the petition.

However, the Official Receiver now keeps a £50 administration fee and therefore the petitioning creditor will only receive a refund of £1,550. Previously the petitioner recovered the entire winding up petition deposit of £1600.

It normally can take a few weeks to for the winding up petition deposit to be returned to the petitioning creditor or their solicitors, but if the delay is lengthy, you can contact the estate accounts and scanning team of the insolvency service to try and speed up the process.

The deposit fee paid to the official receiver has changed over the years (the last rise being in July 2016, when the deposit increased from £1,350 to £1,600).

As such, it is worth checking what the current deposit is before issuing any winding up petition.

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