Winding up Petitions can be a great way of recovering a Judgment Debt. Our brilliant team has successful recovered millions of pounds from debtors. Equally, if you are on the receiving end of a petition - we have huge experience in negotiating settlement or advising on company rescue options.

How to carry out a search

A winding up petition search can be undertaken at the companies court central index of winding up petitions at any time. There is a special number to ring at the high court central index of winding up petitions to check whether a winding up petition has been issued against a company.

  • however, it can be difficult to get through to that number and if necessary, we can arrange brief attendance at court to check behind the counter whether a company has a winding up petition against it;
  • the importance of carrying out a companies court winding up central index search is to avoid the wasted costs and time of drafting a petition only to find out that someone has already issued one against it.

Other types of winding up petition searches include a search of the winding up petition London Gazette to see whether the winding up petition has been advertised at all. That can be very important if we are acting for a company who has received a winding up petition. A winding up petition advertisement in the London Gazette can be very damaging for a company indeed.

Whatever your types of searches that you need relating to winding up petitions, we are able to assist you with these. Francis Wilks & Jones are the petition experts in England and Wales and we can help with any type of questions you may have.

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