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Welcome to our free industry leading guide on Winding Up Petitions. Whether you are a creditor, debtor or another affected party - our expert team can give you the help you need to resolve the issues you have. Call today to speak to one of our friendly team.

Since 2002, Francis Wilks & Jones solicitors have been helping clients successfully resolve their disputes, whatever the nature, size or side of the claim they are on.

In that time we have dealt with over 1,000 winding up petitions – acting for both creditors and companies who have been served with a petition. Our many years of expertise can help you achieve a successful outcome, whatever your situation.

This comprehensive guide will take you through the key aspects of the Winding Up Petition process and provide links to other useful content on our website.

For more immediate help – call one of our expert winding up petition lawyers for a free consultation. There are very few situations we haven’t come across since 2002. Our experience can help you too.

For debt recovery enquiries call our Debt Recovery Manager, Shona Houghton today.

For defended winding up petition claims – call Andy Lynch for more immediate help and a free consultation.

Extremely thorough, professional and speedy, and the fees were much more reasonable than the competition. Highly recommended.

A private client we assisted with issuing a winding-up petition to recover debts

Winding Up Petitions – all you need to know

What is a winding up petition?
Preparation of a Winding up Petition
Service of a winding up petition
Winding up petition defence
Negotiated settlement of a petition
Winding up petition costs
Adjourning a winding up petition
Advertising in the London Gazette
Supporting creditors
Winding up petition court hearing
Withdrawal / dismissal of a winding up petition
HMRC Winding up petitions
Public Interest Winding up petitions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a petition take?
Can you reverse, cancel or rescind a winding up order?
What are the consequences of a Winding up Petition?
What happens after a successful winding up petition?
How to stop a winding up petition
What can a company do if a winding up order is made?
What is a Just & Equitable Winding up petition?

Issued Winding Up Petitions

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