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Our team have issued 100s of petitions for our clients - helping them chase debtors and recover tens of millions of pounds of payments. Avoid simple mistakes and maximise your chances of recovery. Call our team today and we can help.

The benefits of using winding up petitions

Used appropriately, a winding up petition is an excellent debt recovery tool. Some of the benefits include:

  • speed – we can often issue and serve petitions the same day. Most debtors are keen to remove the petition from the court record and debts an often be paid within 48 hours
  • cost effective – if a debtor pays the petition debt, you are in a very strong position to recover all your legal costs in full – resulting in no net cost to you of the legal action
  • it is the ultimate legal threat – even the most stubborn of debtors will take notice of a winding up petition
  • quick and easy to issue – we are located near the court and can issue a petition the same day
  • it puts you ahead of other creditors – if the debtor is facing solvency issues, a winding up notice, followed by a winding up petition will put you at the front of the queue for payment. It can make the difference between payment and simply being left out of pocket with all the other unsecured creditors
  • certainty – by issuing a petition you will know quickly if the debtor is genuinely unable to pay the debt or not. If the debtor is insolvent, you can withdraw the petition a little cost knowing you have saved yourself time and cost of a having proceeded down the traditional county court or high court routes first. Or you can wind them up and we can recommend a hard hitting insolvency practitioner to investigate the company and the conduct of the directors
  • our results speak for themselves

We are the firm of choice when it comes to dealing with winding up petitions. Our knowledge of winding up orders is second to none having dealt with thousands of them over the years. Call us today and we can help.

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