It is possible to obtain freezing orders to extend to a worldwide basis – but they are not easy to get. Our superb team has experience of obtaining and maintaining worldwide freezing injunctions. Let us help you too.

Worldwide freezing orders are only granted on rare occasions.

Obtaining a worldwide freezing order

The court must be satisfied the defendant has assets located outside England & Wales and there exists a danger that they might be got put beyond the applicants reach if the freezing order is not granted on a worldwide basis.

  • Whilst granting of a freezing order on a worldwide basis is quite unusual, it is a very useful tool for any claimant who suspects that the defendant has assets abroad and is likely to dispose of them if the freezing order is limited to England and Wales only;
  •  To obtain a worldwide  freezing order, additional evidence needs to be put before the court with regard to the assets of the defendant and it needs to be clear that there are grounds for the freezing order to be extended beyond the normal jurisdiction

The freezing order team at Francis Wilks & Jones work closely not only with our clients but also with a team of experts needed in such cases, ranging from expert freezing injunction barristers to specialist investigators and forensic accountants. 

What to do if you are served with a worldwide freezing order

If you are served with a worldwide freezing order, it is imperative that you understand the nature and terms of that worldwide freezing order and ensure that you do nothing to breach of it. Acting in breach of a worldwide freezing order is liable to lead to a finding of contempt of court and ultimately this can lead to imprisonment.

It is therefore very important to understand the nature and extent of the worldwide freezing order and the associated disclosure obligations which are often accompanied with the freezing order. Failure to properly disclose your worldwide assets subject to the worldwide freezing order can also be a contempt of court. Legal advice is highly recommended.  

Whatever your circumstances, our team of experts at Francis Wilks & Jones can help you. Worldwide freezing orders are something we have dealt with on a number of occasions despite their rarity and we have the expertise needed to advise you whether you have prospects of success in obtaining one and how best to go about it.  Equally we can help you defend such a court order if one is served against you.

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