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Having the right barrister on your freezing order case is crucial to success. One area they help with is producing the skeleton argument for the court hearing. Our team works with the best freezing order barristers. Let us help you.

In advance of an application to court for a freezing injunction, great care needs to be taken to properly prepare for that application. This includes the preparation by the barrister (who will argue the case in front of the judge) of a freezing injunction skeleton argument.

What is a skeleton argument?

A skeleton argument deals with the key issues in the evidence and also the legal authorities and argument which will be presented to the court in support of the freezing injunction itself.

It must be remembered that

  • most freezing injunctions are granted without any notice to the defendant
  • as such, a very persuasive case needs to be put forward to the court before it will grant a freezing injunction or freezing order

Part of the persuasive case is the completion of a freezing injunction skeleton argument by the barrister retained by the solicitors on behalf of the applicant.

At Francis Wilks & Jones we work very closely with extremely able barristers and can assist on the preparation of the freezing injunction skeleton argument. 

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