If you are looking to freeze assets and bank accounts we can help. Our freezing order experts have wide experience in helping safeguard money and assets whilst the claims between the parties are resolved.

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Looking to freeze assets and bank accounts is something which should be considered in the context of debt recovery – particularly if there is a concern that those assets will be put beyond a creditor’s reach.

Furthermore, if there is an element of fraud or dishonesty involved in the defendant’s actions, it might be that the court is more likely to freeze assets and bank accounts than otherwise. 

However, getting a court order to freeze assets and bank accounts is difficult. The courts are very careful not to interfere with another party’s assets or stop them dealing with them or disposing of them unless the circumstances very much justify the actions. 

  • normally, a court will grant what is known as freezing injunction to freeze assets and bank accounts where it is satisfied on the written affidavit (witness statement) evidence that the key tests have been reached and that the legal argument put forward by the freezing injunction barrister at the hearing is sufficient to fulfil the legal tests;
  • when considering an order to freeze assets and bank accounts, there is also the overarching question of the costs of an application. Asset freeze orders are not cheap to obtain, and it might be that there are other routes to adopt which might be more cost effective to try and recover your money. 

If this is a debt recovery matter, we do have an expert team of debt recovery lawyers as well as freezing injunction lawyers at Francis Wilks & Jones. Simply, whatever your enquiry in respect of an order to freeze assets and bank accounts, we can help you. Contact the freeze assets and bank accounts lawyers now. 

Our team at Francis Wilks & Jones have many years’ experience dealing with freezing injunctions . Our experience means that we can seek to limit costs where possible and avoid duplication that is likely to be incurred with less experienced lawyers. Please contact one of our experienced freezing injunction team and we can help you. 

I was greatly impressed with FWJ. Their commercial approach combined with specialist knowledge and tactical expertise was pivotal in the claim being dropped and costs recovered in full.

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