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Welcome to our free guide on Intellectual Property Disputes where we answer the key questions you might have on these types of claims. Or if you prefer - just contact one of our team today for a free initial call. We would be delighted to help.

Francis Wilks & Jones solicitors have been assisting individuals and business owners resolve intellectual property disputes since 2002. Our team includes.

  • Andrew Carter. Andrew is the partner who heads up this team and regularly deals with Intellectual Property Dispute claims for a range of individuals and businesses.
  • Emma Haymes. Emma is a senior associate who works closely with Andrew Carter. Emma has worked on a wide range of intellectual property disputes with particular expertise in defending patent entity assertions, high value licensing disputes and breach of contract claims relating to software supply.

In addition to the above experts, we have access to a range of other experienced professional should your case require it. This means that we can always put together the right team for you – and maximise the chances of a successful outcome for you.

In an on-going legal battle for three years, your engagement in the latter six months was momentous and rewarding for me. Your excellent work, sharp legal acumen and overriding professionalism was an experience that I should have enjoyed at the outset. I have no reservation in highly recommending your firm and record my heartfelt thanks for your excellent work on my behalf.

A client for whom we provided assistance in a long-term commercial litigation case

Intellectual Property Ownership Disputes

What rights are protected?
How do I identify my intellectual property assets?
Ownership of intellectual property
Use of intellectual property
How to ensure controlled use by third parties
Bringing an intellectual property dispute
Defending an intellectual property dispute
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Breach of Confidence

An introduction to breach of confidence
What is breach of confidentiality?
What type of information can be protected?
When is there a breach of confidentiality?
Is there a time limit on protection?
Is there a time limit for bringing a breach of confidence claim?
What are your rights when there has been a breach of confidentiality?
How to claim breach of confidentiality?
Is there a defence to a breach of confidentiality?

Opposition Proceedings

What are opposition proceedings?
Patent Opposition Proceedings
What are the time limits for bringing patent opposition proceedings?
When should patent opposition proceedings be considered?
Filing patent opposition proceedings
What are the grounds of patent opposition?
Trade Mark Opposition Proceedings
What are the time limits of bringing trade mark opposition proceedings?
When should trade mark opposition proceedings be considered?
Filing trade mark opposition proceedings
What are the grounds of trade mark opposition?

Revocation and Invalidity Actions

Patent Revocation and Invalidity Actions
What are the grounds for patent revocation?
Time limit for bringing a patent revocation claim
Partial revocation/cancellation of a patent
Exclusions to patentability
Costs of filing patent revocation and invalidity actions
Trade Mark Revocation and Invalidity Actions
What are the grounds for trade mark revocation?

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Emma Haymes

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